Tuesday, 31 January 2012

MIDDLESEX UNISON defends our Pensions

A few photo's of the Archway Picket, Whittington Hospital Pensions Rally and the Middlesex UNISON Branch on the Pensions Demonstration in central london.


PENSIONS STRIKE 30th November 2011

On 30th November members of Middlesex UNISON Branch took part in the largest strike for a generation in defence of our Local Government Pension Scheme.

Pickets were established at the Middlesex Hendon campus, Trent Park, where steward Clive Anthony received this press coverage and the Archway Campus where Middlesex UNISON staff joined forces with Whittington Hospital staff who mounted an impressive rally outside the Hospital.

The Branch held pension meetings, recruitment stalls and in some areas walk throughs of departments, strong support for this action amongst the UNISON membership and non members was evident when the issues were discussed. This support was also reflected on the day in conversations with the public and the sounding of horns of passing drivers.

The Pension ballot remains "live" and further Strike action remains an option to defend our Pension schemes. Let your steward know what your views are on this issue, or email the unison1@mdx.ac.uk so the views of the Branch  are represented to UNISON nationally.

Further details are available from the UNISON website