Sunday, 22 April 2012

MDX UNISON Nominates Sandy Nicoll and Molly Cooper for the HESGE

Middlesex University UNISON Branch Committee voted to nominate Sandy Nicoll and Molly Cooper in their campaign to be elected to the HESGE. Due to an administrative error the Branch nomination did not appear on the candidates election addresses. 

However you decide to use your vote make sure you use it and have a say in the future direction of your Union.

Kevin Ward : MDX Labour Link

Kevin Ward : Labour Link Officer
What  are 'UNISON’s political fund arrangements? 

In  making  sure that issues affecting members are heard, UNISON has two political funds.

The Affiliated Political Fund (APF) ,  known as 'UNISON Labour Link', which works to promote UNISON interests in the Labour Party; and 

The General Political Fund (GPF) which is independent  of any political party but campaigns to promote UNISON policies

What has UNISON Labour Link won for members? 

 As a result of the Labour Link and powerful lobbying from UNISON, the last Labour government implemented many positive policies which have benefited our members.

These include:

The introduction of the minimum wage.
Massive increases in funding for health and education and a large rise in public service  jobs.
Stronger equality legislation covering the public sector, and more childcare provision.

What happens when UNISON disagrees with Labour?

Well it does happen from time to time and there are major issues where we think the Labour Party and the last Labour government got it wrong. Privatisation and fragmentation of our public services are key examples of this. Our role is to take UNISON's message into the Labour Party at every level.

How to get involved 
Being a member of Labour Link means you can get involved at branch, constituency, regional or national level. So if you have strong views about how the Party should develop, get involved! 

Middlesex University Branch currently have 93 Labour Link members who subscribe and it  will only cost Party members  £6  to be a Delegate to your local constituency Labour Party.
Many subscribers are not members of the Labour party but they can  get a reduced membership fee if they join the Labour party (as an affiliated union member).

There are the London Mayoral elections coming up on the 3rd May. UNISON is backing Ken Livingstone to oust Boris Johnson from the mayoral office. If you want more information or want to get involved get in touch.

Kevin Ward  (Student Services)   UNISON Labour Link Officer , formally known as  Affiliated Political Fund (APF) officer ,   for more info on Labour link click here