Sunday, 28 October 2012

March For An Alternative : TUC 20th October 2012

The Middlesex University UNISON Branch joined the TUC March for an alternative on the 20th October 2012 to put across the message that Austerity isn't working. We deserve better than cuts to our jobs and public services that we rely on, we won't pay for a crisis of the wealthy. Demand an alternative to austerity, cuts and rewards for the 1%. More arguments and research is available from the TUC website. The organisation that brought you the NHS and the welfare state

Message of Support to London Met UNISON

Middlesex and London Met UNSION in Solidarity
Middlesex University UNISON Branch sent a message of support to the London Met UNISON Branch following the recent VISA UKBA situation, Shared Services and threatened Womens Library closure.

Since the message of support London Met has called a halt to its shared services model. The London Met UNISON Branch remains vigilant to new threats to its members in the form of new "partnerships"

Message of Support to London Met UNISON:

The recent victory in achieving even a temporary injunction and amnesty for current international students is a significant one, and achieved by the organising strength of the London Met UNISON branch, campus unions and students. We extend our support to your further efforts to win a full judicial review and secure the future of London Met University as a public university.

Middlesex University UNISON Branch also extends support for your campaign to resist the planned shared services model that is currently proposed by London Mets management. These plans are ideologically motivated and profit driven they are an attack on Higher Education and staff at London Met and should be resisted.

Members of our Branch have also asked to extend their support to the Save the Women’s library campaign, many have already signed the petition and a number have close links and affinity to these unique collections. They deserve to stay in their purpose built home and maintain the expertise of their staff and links to the local community.

We offer our support to your campaigns in any way our Branch Committee and members can. We have voted to send your Branch a donation of £200 to your fighting fund.

Please keep the Middlesex UNISON Branch informed of any further petitions, demonstrations or actions that our members can support.

In Solidarity
Middlesex University UNISON Branch