Sunday, 27 May 2012

Middlesex UNISON Recruitment Campaign

Middlesex University is currently undertaking a huge restructure of it's schools and administrative services moving towards a more centralised model and an increased use of offshoring (QuScient).

Staff at the University also face the closure of the Trent Park and Archway Campus and the threat of further redundancies.

The Branch Committee has taken the decision to go on the front foot and launched this campaign to recruit "our" administrative and support staff back into the union.

Only through building and strengthening our collective voice within the University will we be able to defend staff and services.

The Branch has already run a successful Meet and Greet "Let's Get Our Own Back" morning recruitment drive outside the Fenella building and we will be following this success up with further events outside the Town Hall, Collinhurst and the Grove over the coming month.

Information about the campaign and printable materials are also available on our website they include the 5 good reasons specific to the Middlesex University UNISON branch of why staff should join.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Middlesex UNISON support for UCU strikers

Middlesex University UNISON Branch sends Solidarity greetings to our sister Union UCU who will be taking strike action in defence of their pensions on the 10th May.

UCU and other unions involved in this action are taking a principled stand in the defence of their pensions.

Following the Strike action taken by UNISON on the 30th November, UNISON members at Middlesex University have shown their willingness to support similar action in defence of their pensions

UNISON at this time remains in negotiation over our LGPS scheme. Members will be balloted on the result of negotiations and we will be able as members to decide on the course of action for our Union.