Thursday, 29 November 2012

Why I Joined UNISON : Sam Cerovich

This summer I was offered a position at Middlesex University as an International Student Liasion Administrator, my first job. The stressful application and interview process were over and I looked forward to contributing to the University and learning new skills.

I found myself having joined a workplace that was undergoing a lot of restructuring and I had a lot of questions. 

Being my first job I wanted to speak to someone about what I should expect with these changes and if the uneasiness I was feeling was normal.

In my office, UNISON members are the majority. They spoke positively about their experience as being part of UNISON and offered me advice about the lingering questions that I had. Being a UNISON member, and training to be a steward, is not just about having strength in numbers. It allows me to be there for my co-workers and vice versa. Having joined UNISON I am now a part of a group that I feel comfortable talking about employment and changes in the workplace.

I heard that UNISON is Britain’s largest trade union. At first this did not resonate with me until I heard from colleagues who had lost members from their team and feel over worked and under valued. UNISON has a seat at the negotiation table to help its members in cases such as this.

Coming into the role of UNISON steward I am eager to learn as much as possible. A big part of why I joined UNISON was the amount of training UNISON offers its reps and its members through the Life Long Learning (Maggie Walkowska)  and Education Officer (Helen Hayward). 

In November I begin my steward training so that I can help others get the most out of their UNISON membership.

Samantha Cerovich
UNISON Steward 

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