Friday, 1 February 2013

Don't wait untill it's too late

Monday 4th of February will see the start of Middlesex University's UNISON Branch recruitment campaign "Don't wait until it's too late" to encourage staff to become members of the union, so we can organise to defend members against threats to their jobs and Higher Education.

Too often staff only join the union when they face difficulties or threats to their employment. Often it is too late for the union to effectively help in these situations and the options available have become limited.

The more members the union has the more effectively we can organise to resist threats to members jobs. Many local problems can be resolved before they become major issues, UNISON's ability to do this is based on the collective strength of our membership.

Only through building and strengthening our collective voice within the University will we be able to defend staff and services.

By joining the UNISON the Branch can more effectively organise and raise arguments over offshoring, staff workloads, terms and conditions and job losses with the University and campaign on these issues. Members can be invoved by actively looking to recruit non-unionised colleagues. If you're not already a member read about the Branch in our newsletter Branchlines, don't be on the outside looking in : Join UNISON and add your voice to ours.

The Don't wait until it's too late poster is available here, and the recruitment flyer is available here. Print them out and put them to good use. 

Membership forms are available here and can be returned to the UNISON office WG47 Williams Building or emailed to 

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